About our coffee

The coffee for our fully automatic machines

Pearl Bean Project / India Craigmore Estate A pearl bean, also called Caracol, is a special form of the coffee bean. Usually, the inside of a coffee cherry contains green coffee seeds - the flat coffee beans as we know them. Under certain conditions, however, only a single bean can form in a coffee cherry. This then has a rounded shape and is therefore called pearl bean. In the past, these beans were picked without special attention and processed in the regular harvest. Which is no disadvantage in general. However, it is better to pick and prepare this coffee separately. Of course this is a bit more work - but it is worth it. And Mondo del Caffè is happy to dig deeper into its pockets for this. Firstly, to do justice to the amount of work farmers and pickers have to do and to be able to offer you this rarity at all. This would not be possible at all without the care and effort in the origin!

Characteristics / Taste

Our pearl beans from India have a characteristic "Indian" taste. Exceptionally spicy, slightly earthy, chocolaty. All in all, however, the pearl bean is much more intense. Here all aromas are concentrated on only one bean instead of 2. Pearl Bean Arabica The India pearl beans Arabica from the Craigmore Estate roasts Mondo del Caffè a little lighter than the regular India Arabica (SL28)which you can also find at Mondo del Caffè in the offer. The coffee tastes great as a long cup of coffee from the fully automatic coffee machine - but also as an espresso it is an intense experience!

Pearl bean Canephora (Robusta)

The pearl bean Robusta (Canephora) tastes great as espresso - but also as a long cup it is an intense experience! Something for all those who need an espresso in the morning for a good start to the day.

What is so special about the pearl bean?

The pearl bean stands out purely because of its shape. Because it has grown up individually in the coffee cherry, it is not flattened, but rounded. It is also individually enclosed by the parchment skin. In general, pearl beans are sorted out during processing and processed separately. They are therefore usually not found in normal coffee blends. Pearl beans are very rare and the demand is high. Their unique taste and high quality make them so popular. Details about Craigmore Estate Coffee Farm (India) Farm: Craigmore Estate Location of the farm: India, Coorg, Karnataka, Pollibetta, (foothills of the western Ghats) Height: 1100 meters Precipitation: 50 inches (152cm) / per year hectare: 20 Organic cultivation: Organic cultivation since 2002. Equipment of the farm: - 12 family accommodations - 2 bearings - 1 pulphouse (preparation plant) - 1 office - 1 bungalow - 1 coffee drying tray - Certifications: Control Uniom / compliant with NPOP / EU standards

Employees & working family members: 15 employees live on the estate. They live with 2 families in one house. All tasks are done by all of them. Apart from climbing, only the men do that. Fair trade standards which are fulfilled (no certification): The employees of the farm are employed all year round. 20 to 30 helpers are added to the harvest. - The employees are socially insured. - Child and forced labour excluded. - Medical care for the employees is guaranteed. - On the farm there is no discrimination based on ethnic origin, gender, religion or political affiliation. - On the farm, women work in equal positions and employees come from different ethnic and religious groups. - The initiative of Goldenmist, Peremboocolly and Craigmoere is committed to the sustainable development of ecology and education. The promotion of women is not explicitly mentioned, but is part of the whole.