What make us different?

We’ll help you create an inviting and enriching space for your team to gather and enjoy an espresso style coffee without setting foot outside the office.

Contact us for an appointment, where we can discuss and evaluate your particular office requirements.

We will calculate, according to the number of staff and office space, what type of machine is best suited for your office/company. Once decided on which size machine and which payment method ie. coin system, digital key slot,or counter reading for a fully or partially subsidised machine, we will install our top of the range Energy Efficient machine, free of charge.

Our machines are engineered to consume the least amount of energy possible. They have advanced energy saving modes and are designed to stand the test of time.

All our machines are equipped with the finest Grinding and brewing mechanisms , and also provide a variety of trendy and high quality hot drinks, ranging from Latte Macchiato to flat whites and hot chocolate with pure coco toppings. We also link all our machines to a world-renowned water filtering system, and you have the option to choose which type of cups or mugs you would like to use.

Our coffee delivery service, machine maintenance and repair services are provided free of charge, and you only pay the agreed fixed price per portion of coffee, espresso or other hot drink consumed.

Our Partner Brands echo our sustainable philosophy. They strive to make a positive impact on the farming communities.

We use only the best coffee roasted by Mondo del Caffè for our machines.

It is the variety Indian Pearl Bean Blend, 80% Arabica and 20% Robusta. This variety is bought directly from the Indian farm of Mondo del Caffè, i.e. we have a direct trade situation, the farmer receives almost twice as much income for his coffee as than he would selling his harvest through the Fair Trade Organisation. They also support a balanced, ecological and socially fair trade in their cooperation with us.

Contact us for an appointment, we are at your disposal !

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