The coffee for our fully automatic machines

Learn everything about the origin of our Indian pearl bean blend, the coffee farm, the coffee harvest and why this blend is so special.

What is so special about the pearl bean?

The pearl bean stands out purely because of its shape. Because it has grown up individually in the coffee cherry, it is not flattened, but rounded. It is also individually enclosed by the parchment skin. In general, pearl beans are sorted out during processing and processed separately. They are therefore usually not found in normal coffee blends. Pearl beans are very rare and the demand is high. Their unique taste and high quality make them so popular.
Details about Craigmore Estate Coffee Farm (India)

  • Farm: Craigmore Estate
  • Location: India, Coorg, Karnataka, Pollibetta, (foothills of the western Ghats)
  • Altitude: 1100 meters
  • Precipitation: 50 inches (152cm) / per year
  • hectare: 20
  • Organic cultivation: since 2002